Change price of the contract (not invoice)

Changing the price of the contract is only possible if the payment is recurring each month and is not set as invoice as a payment method.

  1. Go to ‘Customers’ and then to ‘Contracts’ And search for the contract you want to adjust the price. Once you are there you got to “Edit quantity and price”
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  1. Once you press “Edit product quantity and price” You check the box “Add special product price for this contract” and then you type in the new price of the contract, validate and you are done! Two things to bear in mind first is if you have a multi seat account (a contract with several users) changing the price is for each user on the contract which then adds upp to a total. Let's say the multi seat is 100 kr per user and you change it to 110 then each user on the contract costs 110 instead of 100. This is only relevant if your vendor provides the service of Multiseat function otherwise disregard this. Second thing to bear in mind is the the box “VAT included in price” meaning you must know if the new price includes VAT or not.
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