Add customer to an external list

Adding customers to an external list is giving the customer free access to the set entitlements. Thus it's crucial knowing why you add someone on an external list and for how long so you don't “lose” track of the customer.

  1. Go to the ‘Customers’ section and then ‘External customers’
  1. In the external list there can be several list to choose from. Pick the one that matches your errand (Some external list can be set up by the vendor for 3rd party companies who sell subscriptions to a discount to customer or similar and thus have an external list). Once you find your list go to it and press “Add External customer”
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  1. Fill in the relevant information. If the customer is having physical magazines sent out to them it's important to fill in delivery address and billing address.
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  1. Choose the right product access and for how long the customer will have access. Important to choose the right product here and the right date. Once the product and date of ending the access has been chosen it can't be changed and you will have to delete and make a new external contract. Additional data is the last one, and is made if you want to add extra information about the customer or a comment on why adding them you can do it here. And lastly you will press “Create” and the customer is added!
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