Spotify Flow

An introduction into the Podcast Spotify integration

It is possible to listen to locked podcasts episode in Spotify by linking a Spotify account with a Spotify Partner account.

How it works

If there is any locked content in Spotify that the user doesn't have access to they show a padlock in the Spotify app.

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Connecting your podcast to an existing subscription: When a user unlocks a premium podcast in the Spotify app, the user will be redirected to the Sesamy login page. After logging in Sesamy will validate if the user has a valid subscription and if so, the user will be redirected back to the Spotify app. The user will then be able to listen to the premium podcast in the Spotify app.

If the user does not have a valid subscription, the user will be either be redirected to a checkout page or to the publisher's website or opted to purchase the episode as a single purchase depending on the settings you’ve made.

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Podcast single purchase/bundle:

You do not have to connect your podcasts to an existing subscription. You can make it available as a one off payment by linking directly to our checkout when tapping on the padlock symbol. You can choose if it should be a checkout with an alternative only or multiple alternatives such as season passes etc.


Spotify Partner accounts:

Sesamy creates a Spotify Partner account for each publisher which makes is possible to brand the user experience for the publisher.

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