Podcast app flow

An introduction into how podcast intregration works with regular podcast applications

It is possible to listen to locked podcasts in an standard podcast app, such as Apple or Google Podcasts.


How it works

There are two ways the users can access the locked content in the podcast app:

  • The user can follow a link in the description of the trailer episode in the podcast app. Some apps, such as overcast, also provides a support or purchase button in the podcast app.

Connecting a podcast to an existing subscription: When a user unlocks a premium podcast in the Podcast app by following the link, the user will be authenticated either in Sesamy or directly by the publisher. After the authentication Sesamy will validate if the user has a valid subscription and if so, the user will be presented with a dialog where they can open the unlocked feed the podcast app.

If the user does not have a valid subscription, the user will be redirected to a checkout page or to the publisher's website.

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The user can either open the locked podcast in a podcast app using the Sesamy Account page or using the web components on the publisher website.

If the publisher uses the Sesamy authentication the subscription dialog can be displayed using the Sesamy Entitlements Web Component

If the publisher uses custom authentication it is possible to generate the private feeds on the server and rendering a Sesamy RSS Subscription Component Podcast single purchase/bundle:

You do not have to connect your podcasts to an existing subscription. You can make it available as a one off payment by using a link directly to our checkout in the description of the trailer episode. You can choose if it should be a checkout with an alternative only or multiple alternatives such as season passes etc.

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