Changing physical address

When a customer wants their physical address changed follow below steps:

  1. Go to the contract you want to change adress for in ‘customers’ and get the contract. Once there press “Actions”
Notion image
  1. In the Actions menu press ‘Edit adress’
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  1. Once here you can edit and the following in the image below.
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  1. There are both a ‘Delivery address’ & ‘Billing address’ This is relevant for vendors that offer physical magazines to their customers and not digital only vendors. If a customer wants to gift a subscription to someone they fill in their information on the billing address since they will be the ones paying for the subscription and if the person receiving it lives on another adress you fill in that address in delivery address. However if the customer signs up for a subscription for themselves then you can check “same as billing address”.
  1. Once you have changed the information to the new one you can press submit and you are done.

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