A short summary of our News and publishing solution

At Sesamy we offer a wide range of products to support News publishers monetizing of content behind paywalls, both single purchase and subscription. Sesamys platform is easy to integrate and flexible with multiple options to customize a user friendly experience based on our publishers KPI:s.

  • Profile pages - Out of the box web components for implementing on our publishers environment.
  • Dynamic log-in -Social log-in with Google, Apple, Facebook, an adaptive system created for optimizing UX, based on customers behavior, devices and web-browsers, also functions for email/password log-in, use separately or combine.
  • Branded Checkout - Powered by Sesamy and leading payment providers, all payment methods, credit card, Apple, Google pay, Swish, pay later etc. Dynamic settings or preferred payment options. Expose your logotype and choose font style, primary and secondary color to enhance the look and feel of your brand.
  • Discount codes - We have support for all kinds of promotions for subscription offers and single purchase, trial periods or percentage.
  • CMS integration - Handle your preferred setting directly in your existing CMS: set price of article, decide how much of an article to be open, handle your subscription offers and schedule bundles with your podcasts.
  • Insight portal - Near live data, manage your KPI's and let Sesamy’s Insight portal follow your performance in a comprehensive way.
  • Webhooks - Zapier integration connecting data to third party tools, such as MailChimp, Facebook, Google Analytics etc.
  • Support - We offer first and second line, as well as chat bot connected to the checkout.
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